About us
From being a developer to setting up a resort - Its been quite a journey!
Lets just stop and think for a moment...
It’s a concrete jungle out there! Filled with dust and choked with
vehicle exhaust. Water bodies have disappeared, trees have been cut down to make way for buildings. The city has expanded outwards with little planning.. Lakes are vanishing, construction debris dumped into lakes.. Trees have been cut down mercilessly to make way for road widening and construction.
If we carry on polluting our environment, imagine what will happen to our kids?!


Future without trees or vegetation would not only be scary, but deadly for all mankind. Many animals, including human beings, would not survive without any vegetation on Earth. Plants are necessary for multiple reasons—they provide us with oxygen and they are at the foundation of all food chains. Furthermore, they play a fundamental role in ecology—they cleanse the atmosphere of excessively large quantities of carbon dioxide emissions. So, when we think of sustainable development and environmental protection, these are not the fads of the moment. They are essential to our survival. About time we all start working to protect our planet by pledging to take action in favor of our planet .
Our tiny contribution to the society - an Eco friendly environment, Green Retreat - Your second Home!
Stany & Precilla Passana